Our Approach

Safety First. Your life depends on it.

Communicate our commitment to a health and safety program

Ensuring safety for our employees, subcontractors, clients, and everyone potentially impacted by our construction operation is our highest priority at Pecos Construction. We are committed to keeping our safety program current and relative for each project which is a reflection of the level of importance our company practices to avoid safety risks. We are currently approved and compliant with the Avetta and ISNetworld Safety Program Administrations and have complete OSHA safety manuals to include our COVID-19 exposure prevention, preparedness and response plan.

The Objectives of the Company’s risk management program are to lessen human suffering and to reduce the costs of operations. With these objectives in mind, the Company will make every practicable effort to:

A) Incorporate appropriate methods of protection against accidents on its jobs, in the office, and in vehicles.
B) Select employees who are physically, emotionally, and intellectually qualified to perform their assigned tasks with due regard for their own safety and the safety of others.
C) Train its employees in safe work habits and procedures.
D) Provide appropriate equipment to ensure safe working conditions for its employees and protection for the general public.
E) Empower each employee to suspend work activities in the event that a suspected unsafe act is observed which could cause harm to personnel or damage to private property.
F) Promote a positive attitude toward the observance of safe work practices.

Hazard Identification and Assessment

Pecos Construction is firmly committed to providing all employees with a safe and healthy work environment. It is company policy to provide our employees with information about hazardous chemicals including lead awareness on the work site through our hazardous communication program, which includes container labeling, Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and employee information/training.

Hazard Prevention and Control

To anticipate, recognize, and control safety risks, Pecos Construction implements and maintains an aggressive safety program which focuses on choosing qualified subcontractors, training and monitoring project safety compliance. 

Education & Training

Pecos Construction believes that safety and environmental programs are success drivers on every project and training is paramount to achieving our safety goals. Pecos employs seasoned, credentialed, construction professionals in Safety and promotes continuing safety education for all employees. Our training includes OSHA 10 for carpenters and laborers, OSHA 30 and First Aid CPR for all Field Supervisors, weekly toolbox topics and Job specific safety orientations, safety inspections and safety meetings. Additionally, Pecos employees are required to attend subject specific safety training conducted by our industry business partners like TEXO and RHCA. 

Avetta Safety Star Award 2023

Pecos was chosen as one of the winners for Avetta’s 2023 Safety Star Award. Avetta values a safer, more sustainable work environment, and as their customer, we do, too. We are proud to build a safer and stronger business.

Avetta Diversity Champion Award 2023

Pecos was chosen as one of the winners for Avetta’s 2023 Diversity Champion Award. Pecos strives to be safe, inclusive and welcoming to all people. We embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion.