St. Paul United Methodist Church

St. Paul United Methodist Church was organized at its current site (in the heart of the Dallas Arts District), in 1865 by a faithful group of visionary freed slaves. Construction on the original St. Paul building was completed in 1923. In recognition of her historical significance, in 1981, St. Paul was designated a Historic Landmark by the City of Dallas.

In partnership with Highland Park United Methodist Church, a complete historical restoration of the structure was completed in 2010. Critical in preserving the historical finishes, the team initiated a through waterproofing assessment of the entire building envelope with exterior renovations to follow. Just as critical is the stabilization of the structure and foundation which has evidence of significant movement over the last 109 years. A completely new MEP system was carefully weaved through the structural constraints while minimizing impact to the historical finishes and will further comply with current codes. All windows and stained glass were assessed, re-worked and re-installed to meet historical preservation objectives and mitigate the potential for future water penetration. Trades were hand-picked serving this team in a design/assist capacity to further ensure quality of craftsmanship consistent with techniques used over the last 100 years.

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