BIM is an integrated 3D construction document process that vastly improves project understanding and allows for more predictable outcomes. Building information modeling (BIM) is breaking down barriers and bridging communication between design and construction teams. Pecos Construction utilizes the most current software packages for our building information modeling. We can work with models already started by design teams to assist with clash detection, coordination, and construct-ability reviews, or we can prepare the 3-D building model working from traditional two-dimensional design drawings. When possible, Pecos Construction strongly endorses the use of BIM in all our projects.


Pecos Construction has always considered it our responsibility to be a leader in environmental awareness and stewardship. We strive to combine technological innovation with high performance on all the projects we build and believe that this philosophy serves our clients best. This approach to sustainable construction methods benefits all our clients with energy efficient developments while encompassing sound design principals leading to lower maintenance costs and enhanced value. Pecos Construction has the LEED personnel and experience to build your project as a LEED certified building or as a building incorporating sustainable construction methods.